Year in Review

The 2020 AMCHL season came to an end with the Flames completing the sweep of the Capitals in a 5-3 win to take home the championship. Well done boys, well deserved!

Looking back on the year, it's been quite the season. It started off with a really strong registration that allowed the league to grow into a 6 team league, from it's first year of 5 teams. 

2020 was a a year of parity and a rash of injuries. This included close games, ties, movement up and down the standings throughout the year.  Something that came up at the year end baord meeting was the rash of injuries we saw this year. With broken bones or concussions to Shane Lieuwen, Kurt Schouten, Shane Tromp, Rob Bisschop, Tm Bontkes.. the list is long. We especially think of James VanderZwan who continues his battle with bladder cancer. Please continue to lift him up in prayer as he awaits results from his most recent surgery. May the LORD restore you to full health and strength, James!

The regular season standings came down to the last couple games to determine the bottom 4 seeds. Needless to say, no one expected the ending. All 4 teams ending with identical records and the final positioning came down to goal differential. 

I'm sure everyone thought, that won't happen in the playoffs. But.... it did. 

First round each series went the distance. Including a game 3 series clincher in the Panthers/Flames series, 2 straight shootouts to decide Red Wings/Capitals. 

Then the semi finals saw more of the same. Capitals/Bombers went the distance with Capitals taking it in game 3 sudden death OT. Huskies/Flames went to a shootout in game 3, with Flames taking the series. The finals was set. 2 of the teams who finished with identical records would face each other. Almost fitting with how the season went.

The Finals was again close, but didn't need 3. A hard fought 2 games ending in Flames winning 4-1 and 5-3, they took home the championship. 

Thank you all who played, watched, timekept, reffed, organized..etc. Whatever your part was, it made the season a success! See you all in September.



What is the AMCHL?

  1. A men's hockey league in which Christ-like love and consideration comes first before all else.
  2. To play semi-competitive hockey with a culture that promotes level-headedness over competitive wills.
  3. To allow Christian men to meet and interact with other Christian men in and out of our normal circles.
  4. That our actions on the ice would bear as good witness to our saviour Christ Jesus in the eyes of any spectator


Need to put your kids in Hockey?

 The Chilliwack Christian Junior Hockey League (CCJHL) is a non-contact Christian hockey league based out of the Abbotsford/Chilliwack area. All players from families in good standing within their local Christian church community are welcome to enroll. We offer three co-ed divisions for players from Kindergarten to Grade 6, and two male-only divisions for players from Grade 7 to Grade 13.

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