cap faq's


What is the Cap?

The cap is the maximum average player rating you can have on any given night. For the 2019/20 AMCHL Season the cap number is 4.7 out of 7.


How is a team’s cap number calculated?
Let’s take Team Hockey listed below. First column, the 1 means the player is playing. Second column is the players name and the third column shows how many points he contributes to the cap. In this case, total cap points of the players playing is 42 points. In order to get their final cap number, we divide the total points by the 12 players playing. Team Hockey’s cap hit for the night is 3.5.


1 - Puck   Stopper - 7.0

1- Defence  Mcgee - 3.5

1 - Ovi   Celly - 3.5

1 - Steady  Eddy - 2.0

1 - First   Yearsy - 1.5

1 - Bar   Downsky - 4.5

1 - Top   Shelfy - 4.5

1 - Dump N Change - 5.0

 1 - Pucks in Deep - 2.5

 1 - The Show - 3.0

 1 - Dekey Pete - 2.0

 1 - Ima  Beauty  - 3.0

12                        42.0

Do all teams start with the same cap number at the beginning of the season?

No. This is very tough to do. But, the board and team leaders do their best to get all teams as close to the same cap number as possible. There are a lot of friend requests that make it difficult to get every team the same team cap number to start the season. 

How are players rated?

The Board along with help from the Team leaders determines a players rating out of 6. Skating, shooting, passing and hockey IQ are all taken into account. Ratings can be changed as players get better or worse from season to season.


Are Goalies rated the same as players?

No, goalies are rated out of 9. As we all know, a good goalie can make a bad team, good and a bad goalie can make a good team, bad.

Are there instances where a team can exceed the cap?

Yes. When full time players who are rated lower can’t make a game, it is possible for a team to go over 4. This is OK, since the players playing are all full time players. A team may not bring in a spare and go over the cap.

How do spares work?

All the spares who signed up have been allocated to a team and given a rating. Teams can call those spares to replace missing full time players. Unless a team is down to less than 8 skaters, they may not call a spare and be over the cap.


So, what if my team has less than 8 skaters?

Teams who have less than 8 skaters may call any of their spares. Although discretion is encouraged, they may call any spare to fill their roster. The league would rather a team over the cap than a forfeit in this case.

Can I know what everyone is rated?

No, obviously for personal reason the ratings are confidential and are only for the Board and Team Leaders.

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